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We took as principle to present the best service to our valuable customers everytime as Asalsoy Kalıp Özel İstihdam San. Tic. A.Ş. everytime. In this direction, we're ready for your requirements with our services both automotive industry and marine industry.

Our company which operates as TKM MAP more than 10 years, after completing institutional identity studies, continues its activities as ASALSOY A.Ş. Since 2017.

ASALSOY which is the leader company on its sector, ensures the greatest contribution to our valuable customers' requirements with our qualified staff. You only need to contact us by telephone or mail, we're glad to present you the fastest solution about every subject.

Our company take pride in giving you, our valuable customers service with its experience of 15 years.

Our company has mould manufacturing, maintenance, repair and assembly capacity and it's ready for serving you, our valuable customers.

Our company has ensured to gain qualifications and certificates for its staff by attending all mould fairs and training seminars .

Currently, we continue to work with many customers on automotive and marine industry. We have been working with basic industry and sub-industry mould manufacturer companies such as COŞKUNÖZ A.Ş., SIRENA MARIN, AZIMUT YACHTS, ALPİN KİMYA, PRES METAL, ALPFORM KALIP, TOKSAN OTOMOTİV, OGIHARA, INTEGRAL, AK-PRES, BOZTEKİN A.Ş., AYTEKİN LTD. ŞTİ,  on mould manufacturing, mould practice and mould assembly process for a long time and we commit all our customers to give them the same level quality service.

ASALSOY A.Ş. has aimed to respond all requiremnts of our customers by giving lasting, qualityservice and to be extremely assertive company.

ASALSOY Kalıp Özel İstihdam San. Tic. A.Ş.